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Flexible Dentures

Replacing your missing teeth is a big decision and it is important to consider several factors... but don't worry, you don't have to make this decision alone. At Sherwood Dental Care, we can help you assess the choices in light of your clinical needs, personal preferences and financial considerations and help you determine which one is best for you.

At Sherwood Dental Care we offer Valplast® Flexible Dentures to replace one or more teeth. Unlike more traditional ridged, bulky and unstable dental materials Valplast flexible partial dentures are made from a flexible plastic material which fits neatly into your mouth and is virtually invisible. They do not require any unsightly metal clasps to keep them in place.

Valplast® Flexible Dentures Video


Valplast® Flexible Denture Guarantee

Every Valplast partial is guaranteed against breakage and fracture of the base material assuming normal use. The guarantee, is valid indefinitely from the date the appliance is placed in service as a clinical dental prosthesis. The Valplast guarantee applies to material defect of the resin and supplements any guarantee placed by the laboratory for workmanship. Improper fabrications or post-insertion modification of the partial voids the guarantee. The Valplast guarantee does not apply to the artificial teeth, or the bond between the Valplast base resin and artificial teeth, or colour and fit of the appliance.

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For more information about how we can transform your smile with Velplast Flexible Dentures at Sherwood Dental Care, please get in touch to arrange an appointment by calling us on 0115 985 6156 or by completing our Online Appointment Request Form »

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