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Get your smile back with dental crowns

If your tooth has become broken, badly decayed or damaged in such a way that a filling is not strong enough to support the tooth, then a crown (also known as a ‘cap’) may be recommended to cover the existing structure and restore function and appearance.

With advances in modern dental technology, all-ceramic crowns are proven to be as strong and durable as metal porcelain crowns, but without the black line at gum level, and with the ability to be matched to your natural teeth in shape and colour.

The benefits of crowns

All-ceramic crowns look and act like your natural teeth and help strengthen and refine the appearance of your teeth. Here’s a summary of the great benefits to having crowns:

  1. Can be colour-matched to your existing teeth
  2. Allow you to talk, eat and laugh as normal
  3. Help restore strength and structure to your tooth
  4. Made of durable ceramic
  5. Discreet alternative to metal crowns
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    Everything you need to know about crowns

    • We find these offer our patients the best of both worlds – a long-lasting tooth, and a natural-looking solution for your smile. With the right oral care, they may last a lifetime.

    • Crowns are recommended for many adults and in many situations. They form part of a dental implant and can protect or restore a damaged tooth. In addition, they can be an option for those who may have a discoloured or oddly-shaped tooth.

    • In some situations, such as covering a discoloured or oddly-shaped tooth, a veneer might be a more appropriate option. And in cases where your tooth is badly damaged, a dental implant might be recommended instead.

    • A single crown restores and protects a single tooth. A bridge uses crowns either side of a false tooth to slot over your existing teeth.

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