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Unleash your smile with veneers

Having teeth that are chipped, discoloured or broken, or living with a gappy smile, can wear down your confidence and age your appearance. At Sherwood Dental Care, we offer veneers to help cover tired teeth and give you a smile makeover.

Veneers involve placing a cap over your tooth, custom-made to your smile, over one or more teeth. They’re made to match your natural teeth, helping them blend in. They’ll look similar in shape, size and colour.   

The benefits of veneers

Veneers are great option for those who want to give their smile a bit of an overhaul – you can transform all your teeth, if desired. They’re known for being durable and long-lasting, with a discreet look. Here are a few more benefits to veneers:

  1. Can close gaps in your smile
  2. A ‘faster fix’ to your smile than braces or other alternatives
  3. Long-lasting, providing you have a good dental routine in place
  4. Closely match your existing teeth
  5. Can help brighten your smile

How does treatment work?

Veneers require preparation the tooth (or teeth) ahead of fitting the new cap, with some gentle filing of the tooth on all sides. The next stage of treatment is taking dental impressions, so we can ensure your new veneers fit exactly. Finally, they are fixed in place.

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    Everything you need to know about veneers

    • Our veneers start at £450, but if you’re with our membership scheme, you’ll enjoy 15% off treatment. In situations where crowns might be a better option, prices start at £300, with the same discount. You can find out more on our Price List page.

    • We can use an anaesthetic on the targeted area before treatment, which has a numbing effect and helps ease any discomfort. For our more nervous patients, we can also offer dental sedation.

    • As they look so much like natural teeth, and behave in the same way, it’s unlikely people will notice you have veneers. Our patients love their transformative effect.

    • We will always advise you on the appropriate treatment for you and your teeth following a consultation. Crowns are usually recommended for teeth with extensive damage or decay, whereas veneers are more used for teeth that are misshapen, discoloured or chipped.

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