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Enjoy a seamless smile with white fillings

White or tooth-coloured fillings provide a healthier, more natural alternative to traditional silver amalgam fillings. They also allow for a minimally invasive restoration, meaning more of your natural tooth can be preserved.

White filings can be used in the front or the back of the mouth. They are the ideal, natural-looking way to restore strength and function to damaged teeth. Your dentist can build up cracked or chipped teeth with a white filing to restore each tooth to its original look and feel, or it can be used to close gaps, reshape uneven or short teeth, and fill cavities caused by tooth decay.

The benefits of white fillings

At Sherwood Dental Care, our experienced team have carried out white filling treatments for years. White fillings are the top choice for fillings, as they mimic your natural teeth. Here are just a few of their benefits:

  1. Available in a range of shades and opacities to suit your smile
  2. Can be layered for a discreet look
  3. Strong and durable, like your natural teeth
  4. Immediately effective
  5. Minimally invasive treatment

How does treatment work?

First, any decay or damage is treated under an anaesthetic, which helps to numb the gums and jaw that surrounding the tooth or teeth in question. Next, the filling is moulded while still in its paste form, and then hardened when in place.

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    Everything you need to know about white fillings

    • We offer both silver fillings (amalgam) and white fillings (composite), and we offer treatment both privately and on the NHS. You can find out more on our fees page here.

    • We can use an anaesthetic on the treated area before carrying out the procedure, which can help to minimise any discomfort.

    • White fillings blend seamlessly into your smile, which makes them incredibly hard to spot by other people. Fillings performed on teeth that are further back in your mouth are even less noticeable.

    • You may have some sensitivity following your treatment, so it might be worth trying to avoid eating and drinking anything that’s too hot or cold for a couple of weeks. A sensitive toothpaste can help with this.

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