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Restore your smile with dental implants

The fear of losing our teeth is something many of us experience. Today however, tooth loss does not have to be a permanent problem. Our dental implant system provides a safe and reliable method for replacing teeth, whether you have lost one, several or all of them. Your new teeth look and feel natural, and allow you to live, laugh and enjoy life with total confidence.

Here at Sherwood Dental Care, we are proud to restore the smiles of our patients with dental implants from Straumann® – an innovative company with market-leading dental implant systems of the highest quality. Treatment is carried out by highly experienced dentist Dr Amit Jilka, who has a special interest in surgically placing and restoring dental implants. Amit has a gentle, caring approach and having been placing dental implants since 2012, is able to help put the minds of even our most nervous patients at ease.

The benefits of dental implants

Many people with tooth loss can enjoy having dental implants. Although considered a cosmetic treatment, dental implants don’t just give you back your smile. They also have benefits for your oral health and general lifestyle and can:

  1. Help you eat, talk, laugh and smile with confidence

  2. Look and act like natural teeth

  3. Last a lifetime with proper care

  4. Give the face structure, where missing teeth caused a sunken appearance

  5. Help prevent bone loss in the jaw and prevent teeth ‘spreading out’

How does treatment work?

Dental implants involve placing two parts of an artificial tooth into your jawbone. First, a metal rod, made from titanium, is placed as a foundation. Then, when healed, a ceramic crown is fitted to the top. This creates the look and feel of a natural tooth.

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    Everything you need to know about dental implants

    • This depends on how many teeth you’re looking to replace. We’re proud to be clear about our pricing and will go over this with your during your initial consultation. Many of our treatments can also be paid over a period time through 0% finance.

    • Dental implants are placed under anaesthetic, which helps numb the area and prevent any pain. We also recommend our patients take over-the-counter pain medication (for example, paracetamol or ibuprofen) for a few days following treatment, which can help manage any tenderness and swelling that may occur.

    • Because they look and behave like natural teeth, dental implants are a very discreet treatment and it’s doubtful people will be able to tell you’ve had one fitted.

    • The foundation of the implant is made of titanium, which is biocompatible – it’s accepted by your body like no other metal.

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