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Reset your smile with teeth whitening

Teeth can become stained or darkened over a period of time due to a number of factors such as age, smoking, or drinking beverages such as tea and red wine. If you’re brushing and flossing twice a day, but still feel that your smile is not as bright as you’d like, our professional teeth whitening treatment may be the answer.  

At Sherwood Dental Care, we only use dental products that are supported by extensive clinical studies and that we’d use ourselves. For this reason, we proudly offer our patients Boutique whitening.

The benefits of teeth whitening

Whether the cause is diet, age or poor oral care, stained teeth can look unclean and feel ageing. Your smile is undoubtedly the first thing people notice about your appearance – so it makes sense to give it a boost when it’s starting to look a bit dull. Our teeth whitening treatment has so many fantastic benefits:

  1. Can help make you look and feel younger

  2. Easy to maintain results

  3. Boosts confidence

  4. Minimally invasive


How does treatment work?

The first step is a consultation with our dentist, to check your suitability. If so, a dental impression is then taken of your teeth and is sent off to create custom trays tailored to your smile. This helps the gel cover your teeth evenly and thoroughly. We’ll then show you how to use the trays and gel at home and give you detailed aftercare instructions to take home.

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    Everything you need to know about teeth whitening

    • You can find out about our fees here. Teeth whitening is a cosmetic treatment and so is available privately at our Nottingham dental practice. We offer 0% finance to help spread the cost of treatment if need be, and if you’re a member of our Practice Plan Membership Scheme, you’ll be eligible for a discount.

    • No, although sensitivity might occur after your treatment. If this happens, a sensitive toothpaste can help settle things.

    • Treatment usually takes between 7-10 days, but it depends on your diet and the porosity of your teeth (the more porous, the more quickly and easily the gel will be absorbed).

    • We give you detailed aftercare following your consultation with us, however there are some small things you can do both before and after treatment to help ensure your smile stays bright. Avoiding staining food and drinks, or brushing teeth immediately after having them, can be a big help – and ensuring you have a good dental routine is essential.

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