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Repair your smile with dental bridges

Bridges involve using crowns on either side of a false tooth to cover teeth that have been damaged or decayed. They’re recommended in situations where several teeth need to be treated. If you have a single tooth that has been damaged or decayed, a single crown is usually recommended instead.

Here at Sherwood Dental Care, your Nottingham dental practice, our highly experienced team has successfully placed bridges for many of our patients over the years. We use all-ceramic crowns in our dental bridges, which mimic the appearance and effectiveness of your natural teeth.

The benefits of dental bridges

Having missing and broken teeth can affect many areas of your life, including your diet, your appearance and, in turn, your confidence. Dental bridges can help strengthen your smile and restore the function of your teeth, as well as boost your confidence back up. Dental bridges also have these fantastic benefits:

  1. Matched to the shape and size of your natural teeth
  2. Strong and durable and made of ceramic
  3. Allow you to talk, eat and laugh as normal
  4. A discreet option
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    Everything you need to know about dental bridges

    • Crowns are great option for those wanting to cover a single tooth, or multiple teeth in different locations. A dental bridge is the preferred choice when patients have two or more broken teeth with a gap in between.

    • We advise on appropriate treatments during the consultation stage. We can only make recommendations for you after having checked over your oral health and the condition of your teeth in general.

    • For missing teeth, a dental implant could be an alternative option, but you may need crowns or veneers on your other teeth. A dental bridge can be a more cost-effective, and as part of our membership scheme, we offer a generous discount on this treatment. 

    • To book in for a consultation, simply visit our contact page and either fill out your details or give us a call.

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