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Care for tiny teeth with children’s dentistry

At Sherwood Dental Care, we focus on family – and can help treat patients of any age. It’s well-known that the earlier you form good oral habits, the better the outcome can be for your teeth over time.  That’s why getting children used to going to the dentist and taking care of their teeth through every stage of life is so important.

Children can come to us as soon as their teeth start to show – and brushing is essential at this stage, too. The health of your child’s teeth, gums and mouth depends on factors such as dental routine, diet and frequency of check-ups – so if in doubt, always book in to see us.

Why come to us

When it comes to treatment at our Nottingham practice, we take a friendly approach – and this is especially important in our younger patients, who can sometimes be nervous about vising the dentist. Here are some reasons to choose Sherwood Dental Care:

  1. Friendly, professional and skilled team
  2. Family-orientated approach to care
  3. Comfortable and bright clinic
  4. Great location
  5. Appointments throughout the day

What happens during treatment?

When in our care, we always aim to put our patients completely at ease. Children can sometimes find the dentist a bit scary and don’t know what to expect. Whatever the reason your child is visiting our practice, we will always thoroughly inspect and clean their teeth, and may give you advice on helping with their brushing technique or which strength of toothpaste to try.

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    Everything you need to know about children’s dentistry

    • Treatment for children under 18 is free on the NHS. For private treatment, take a look at our fee guide here. It’s worth remembering that some treatments might not be available on the NHS, such as Invisalign.

    • We recognise that children can be more sensitive to pain than adults, and can also be more anxious about their treatment. However, everyone manages pain differently and where one person finds something painful, another might find it merely uncomfortable. We aim to make our patients as comfortable and calm as possible and will advise you and your child of the process for each stage of their treatment, and any pain management that might be needed.

    • Many of the same treatments which we offer to adults can also be offered to children – for instance, fillings, sealant and extractions.

    • Encourage them to brush and floss twice a day, and if very young, ensure they are supervised. Let them choose their own toothbrush – some have in-built timers – and a fun (and effective) toothpaste. You can also show them how you brush your own teeth.

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